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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 14, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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and brings us details on how she was found. >>reporter: a massive search effort was launched -- wanldered away from the family's camp site at samuel taylor state park. a search that continued throughout the night. >> we never stopped. we never truly stopped during the night. >>reporter: on saturday modern, the ranks of searched swelled with volunteerss, hoping to reunite her with the distraught family. >> 200 people to show up this morning in the search today. >> but if she did walk off the camp site. she would have gone into heavily wooded areas. >>reporter: k-9 search team that is brought a happy ending to this story. >> we have in fact found her this morning. noot knot by necessarily one of our search teams. >> two women on mountain bikes made the discovery.
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>> cyclists, who live in the community, intentionally chose to come out here and ride today with the slight hope that they wound r would find her. >> carried her out of the woods after she had wandered throughout the woods when she was found shortly after 8:00 saturday morning. >> thank you all so much. >> thank you for your prayers, everyone, and everyone who worked to find her. thank you. >>reporter: a terrifying evening for the family. 9 year old held her own throughout a moonlit night. >> mom, i am fine. almost a little bit defiant. but in good spirits. >> i'm pretty happy to see that she's made --. >>reporter: in marion county, jeff pierce, kron 4 news a car crashing into a sunnydale business, is alive, with relativelyly few injuries, no customers were inside at the time. but the store owners were. and one of them talks.
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reports about the close call. >> standing up there, getting the food. you know, i get them the water. and i have, you know, the big --. >>reporter: these skid marks left on the floor of pier water health give you a good indication of what that loud sound was. a sedan barreling through the front of the store. making it all the way inside. leaving behind this side mirror and a big mess. were you scared? >> oh, yes. still now, still shaking now. >>reporter: and for good reason. the department of public safety says lynne din and her husband, who also coowns the store are lucky to be alive. >> my husband was underneath the chair there. >>reporter: her husband was working at his desk in the front of the store when just before 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon, a sedan crashed into the building. just seconds before din got up to get some water, which may have saved her life. her husband got hit, though. and was taken to the hospital. but a a side from cuts and
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bruises, she says he's fine. that's what happened. just like split second. quickly. you cannot think. >>reporter: a 42 year old man was behind the wheel at the time of the accident. din says that his wife and teenage son were also in the car but that none of them were injured. din says the store will remain closed through the middle of next week, but holds no ill will towards the driver who police say may have mistaken the gas pedal for the brakes. >> sorry. you know, but i tell them not to worry. it happens. >>reporter: caron 4 news. wherever you call home, world cup fever. dan ruben checks out a match in the city and says san francisco is not immune. >>reporter: world cup fever can strike at any time. it can even happen to people who plan for the echt. >> it's all supported by
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sponsors. and -- get a goal sclm. >>reporter: kidding were mimicking their adult he roars. playing with child like joy. . >> once the world cup is over. we want to bring year round activity, more rear round activity. >>reporter: the second time the recreation and parks department has shown the biggest dance. >> raise above and beyond what it costs to put the event on, will go back to america -- >>. >>reporter: 10 #15 thousand people are expected to take in the match. pumps revenue into the local economy. >> getting a crowd out here, the u.s. game. soccer in our country. >>reporter: england get italy, the game was tied at the half. until that tie was broken against italy in the second half. and italy never looked back,
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winning 2-1. >> italy. >>reporter: couple of big matches on monday, usa taking on ghana, on tuesday, mexico taking on brazil. both can be seen here and both are free. reporting at the u n plaza in san francisco. dan ruben, kron 4 news. hot water after leaving 8 dogs locked in a van while she goes shopping at a mall in san francisco. stone has the story ask a warning for pet owners who use dog sitters. >>reporter: witnesses say that the dogs were inside this van for 2.5 hour, they say the barking was loud. these are some of the eight dogs left in a van outside the store at stone town galleria in san francisco, while the owner of that van went shopping. windows closed, sun beating down. >> people who paid her, went to the mall. >>reporter: animal control officers confirmed that statement. say the woman to blame her is
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pamela, seen in this picture. she's the owner of for your paw s only. a san francisco dog walking and dog sitting business. the animals were not taken from her as animal control officers say they didn't appear to be in an immediate danger. witnesses say they most certainly were struggling. >> dogs was tied up in the hot van. no water. nothing. they were barking up a storm. >> they was in a lot of stress, yes, extremely hot. >>reporter: the temperature was hovering at about 70 degrees outside, but the van which was parked in this handicapped spot was in direct sunlight. experts say vehicles can reach triple digits even with outside temperatures well below that. >> i told her that her behavior was deplorable. >>reporter: dog walking permit will be revoked next week, and he'll be taken off their website. but no plans to contact dog owners of the pets
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inside the van. >> it was just heartbreaking. when they opened the van, seeing the 7 animals tied up like that. and being completely defenseless, completely at the mercy of this sadistic woman. >>reporter: that witness says 7 dogs because there were 7 in the back of the van, and 1 in the front. pamela who is set to have her dog walking permit revoked next week, could appeal that so she could continue operating for sometime. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. the former owner of the l. a. dodgers took the stand in the brian stou civil trial. joints fan from right here in the bay area was severely beaten in the dodgers stadium parking lot in 2011. suing frank and the team for negligence. mccourt acknowledged to the jury he was not heavily involved in implementing security when he owned the team. his lawyers say stou and a t attackers are to play for what happened to stou. >> like all dodger fans, i was
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appalled at the criminal behavior of sanchez. and make no mistake, they're the parties responsible for this tragic incident. my thoughts and my prayers continue to go out to mr. stou and to his family. >> mccourt owned the dodgers from 2004 to 201. lou wi sanchez and dmor wood pleaded guilty in january for attacking stou. a south bay apparent medic was left brain damaged from the beating. a liquor store held a lottery ticket. the fantasy 5 ticket was bought at the winston news and liquor store on 4th street. the ticket matched 5 of the winning numbers from thursday night's drawing. the buyer has not come forward. the winner has 180 days after drawing the drawing to claim their prize a napa doctor has
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been fined over $100,000 and sentence to add a year in prison for tax fraud. pleaded guilty in february to four felony counts of filing out fake tax returns. a federal judge in san francisco handed down the punishment on friday. he lied about his business expenses and under paid more than 116 thousand dollars in taxes over the past 4 years. he will do his time in a federal prison starting in august. president obama will be in close touch with his national security team this weekend. the u.s. is considering a range of options short of putting u.s. troops on the ground to help iraq ki forces fight militants. the radical islamic group, the second largest city, but the president says military action is not the only solution here, iraq's leaders need to work together to work together to have a solution to the crisis. >>reporter: security forces have proven unable to defend the
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number of cities. which is allowed the terrorists to overrun the part of iraq territory. >>reporter: three years after president obama pulled u.s. troops out of iraq, he says the growing crisis there now threatens america's national security. the president and his advisors are discussing a range of options, including air strikes, to help iraq fight off the militant group that has captured its second largest city. he says iraq's government won't get any u.s. military help unless iraq's makes bill changes. >> this should be a wake-up call. iraq's leaders have to demonstrate a willingness to make hard decisions. >> were. >>reporter: has long resisted calls -- deals that could have bring stability to the oil-rich country. >> unfortunately, what we've seen from the prime minister over the 8, 9 years he's been in
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office, this is a man who is very reluck tanlt to bargain with his rivals. >>reporter: i ran had an interest in preventing iraq from falling to soonny militants and could -- to bargain. >> iraq is one of those places in the middle east where the united states and i ran actually have something of a con fluns of interests. >> the president t's iraq pal si, saying its a mistake not to leave some u.s. forces behind. >> i predicted that this would happen when they decided not to have a residual force and anybody tells you they couldn't isn't telling the truth. >>reporter: a president under pressure at home. pressing iraq to do more to help themselves. >> our troops and the american and the american taxpayers made huge investments and sacrifices in order to give iraq the opportunity to chart a better course, a better destiny. but ultimately, they're going to have to seize it. >>reporter: c in, n, the white house. the president says it will take several days to form a
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plan, military actions or working with the iraq government on some of these political issues. decide to begin air strikes, the government will need intelligence to make sure the air strikes are targeted and effective. coming up at 8:00, on line dating gone horribly wrong when a man thinks he's meeting a woman, instead walks into a violent trap. track down the a tracker. oakland coffee shop vandalized for the ekd is time, why the owner easy is he's being targeted. and next, tempers flair at the scene of a fast moving fire in the north bay, why police say they had to arrest this man. >> it was a sunny day around the bay area today. temperatures really warmed up. we had readings near 90 inland, as well as the south. 80s by the bay, cooler weather on the day for father's day, i'll have your forecast coming up. ♪ ♪
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0001 scene in -- afternoon, when a wildfire broke out near homes. they arrested this man after he got into an argument and allegedly through a right rock at firefighter. multiple homes were damaged in this fast moving grass fire. pretty scary seen. those flames coming too close for comfort. and fire officials say it actually could have been a lot worse. >> i looked out the window and there was the fire. and that was pretty scary. >> with the fuels and the weather conditions, this could have been a catastrophe, but my hats off, really, to the firefighters that worked here today. >> the exact cause of that fire is still under investigation tonight. you know, if you're dating, it's pretty fair to say, on occasion, you may go on some bad dates. but lately, men who assumed they were going on dates have been beaten and robbed. tells why
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san francisco police they will be able to catch the attackers. >> with on line dating, you never know who you you are really going out. on thursday night, a man in his 30s went to meet up by the mission inn with a woman he connected with on a dating website. they agreed on the spot located in the crocker amazon neighborhood on mission street. but they did not go to dinner and dancing. the woman never showed up. san francisco police tell kron 4, instead, two men described as in their 20s and hispanic, approached the man, beat him up, and stole his wallet and cell phone. they then took off on foot. >> the victim thankfully was not seriously injured. other than a punch to the face. but nonetheless, you know, we want to find out who is responsible for this and make the arrest to get them off the street. and hopefully, stop luring other potential victims. >>reporter: earlier this month, another man was robbed after arranging to meet a woman through an on line dating site. when the victim met up with the woman, two men in their 20s
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approached him with a gun, and demanded all his stuff. police did catch those suspects and are confident they can catch the men in the latest on line dating robbery. >> meet up on the profile, even if it's a fake one, there's some sort of an e-mail address, a number associated with those suspects, and then therefore, work backwards to try to identify them. >>reporter: left with a bloody nose and a bruised ego, the man and the woman who lured the victim on a date, who was just looking for love. in san francisco, i'm justine, kron 4 news. coffee shop vandalism all caught on camera, the owner of the west oakland shop says he thinks the vandals are mad about the -- of the neighborhood. this surveillance video shows someone dressed in black throws chunks of concrete through windows. coffee, that's on mandela parkway. about 1:00 a.m. thursday. the owner says it's the second time his shop as been
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vandalized. we had lots of wind in the san francisco for this afternoon. you can see it blowing the trees around here. breezes between 20 and 30 miles per hour. but the sea breeze was late today. didn't come in until later in the afternoon, as a result. temperatures warmed up in the morning and midday. and got up into the 80s in some locations. bayside, and even into the 90s for the inland spots. but we are going to see a fairly significant change in the way for tomorrow. as we'll have a stronger sea breeze and that's going to push in cooler air into the bay. here's a live view. bay bridge toward the oakland hills, clear skies for tonight. a nice evening, we will begin to see some fog push back into the bay after midnight. windy afternoon, the sea breeze will be stronger, come in earlier, and that's going to cool temperatures down, not only for tomorrow, but for monday as well. look for readings tomorrow, low 80s inland for concord, 70, san jose, redwood city, san francisco, mid 60s, these
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readings down about 5 to 10 degrees over what we had today. here's fog tracker. midnight tonight, there's the fog at the coast, going to make a push into the bay for tomorrow morning. so we have the clouds bayside, also into the north bay valleys. and we will see clearing pretty quickly, i think, for tomorrow. 9:00 a.m., most of the fog bayside has gone. but we'll still have the clouds at the beaches for much of the day. with some clearing as we get into the afternoon. temperatures, though, cooler. look for mid to upper 70s south bay, inland temperatures down from around 90 into the low to mid 80s for tomorrow. upper 60s, low 70s by the bay. san francisco, mid 60s. we'll have 70s, oakland, and a few 80s in the north bay. and it will be cooler still more for monday, i'll have the forecast for next week, later on, vickie. coming up, the level of an epidemic here in california. what parents show know about the spread of whooping cough. >> coming up, it's a my kron 4 story that takes place right outside this customer service
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center. i'll show you what the problem is in the next edition of people behaving badly. at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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0001 some people behaving badly. >> looking for parking in some parts of san francisco can be such a drag. especially if all you want to do is go inside the customer service center on folsom street. after all, you will only be in for a few seconds. the problem is, you're not only double parking, you're double parking in a bike lane. this driver rode by, eye balled me, then came back. double parks, then she activates her park wherever you want button, rolls up her window, she gets out and looks at me. then, instead of going inside to the -- she dilly dallies outside of the car and this goes on for a few minutes. then, show goes back and basically moves clothes around. then she gets back in her car
8:23 pm
and drives away. this guy in the gold car, not only drive ins the bike lane, but flips a u-turn in front of a bicyclist, then stops in the bike lane. a few moments later, he spots this car leaving and parks legally -- almost leigh legally. while he'd inside, this red honda rolls up and park ins the bike lane. a crime for a viewer r, who reached out to vi yea my kron story. his complaint, the amount of people blocking the bike lanes here. parking in the bike lanes comes with a $160 fine if san francisco. but you might not have a problem here, since i watching parking enforcement roll right by. not to pick up a fair, but to pay his gas bill. but my all time favorite is watch this food delivery truck park in the center lane. now, no one in their right mind would double park in the bike
8:24 pm
lane now, would they? yes, they would. krae yieting a bottleneck, which might be hard for this dump truck to get through. oh, and by the way, i asked the mercedes about driving so close to the -- this is what he had to say. >> they love, right? >> human logic. you got to love it. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. coming up at 8:30, a woman's purse snatched, how it was stolen. and later, lots of love for dad this weekend. you certainly been pulling his weight at home; right? find out how much the role of dad is worth around the house.
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0001 still ahead, calca health officials issue an alert, the number of whooping cough -- who is at most at risk. >> some fog push back into the bay, for tomorrow morning, produce temperatures in the 50s, most spots and cooler for the afternoon. the forecast is on the way. oh chris, did you remember to pay the dog sitter?
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oh i knew i forgot something... i'll just do it now. well, we're boarding. no, i'll use citi mobile. takes two seconds, better safe than sorry right? yeah who knows if we'll even get service on the islands? what! no service? seriously? no electricity, we're going to make our own candles, we're going to churn our own butter. oh, we lost one. can't leave a bag unattended. bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. to learn more visit
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ithe part of us that a littwants to play,on. wants to be mischievous, wants to run free, all you have to do is let it out. find your inner minion only at the despicable me minion mayhem ride at universal studios hollywood. 0001 this is the bay area's news station. caron 4 news continues now. -- kron 4 news continues now. >> after searching through the night, county search crews say a girl has been found. jeff pierce shows us how she was reunited with her worried
8:30 pm
family. >>reporter: a massive search effort was launched friday afternoon when 9 year old wandered away from the family's camp site at samuel state park in marion county. a search that continued throughout the night. >> we never stopped. we never truly stopped during the night. >>reporter: an saturday morning, the ranks of searched swelled with volunteers, hoping to reunite her with a disstraut family. >> to assist us this n the search today. >> if she did just walk out of the camp site, she would have gone into heavily wooded forest areas. >>reporter: airline surveillance or k-9 search teams that brought a happy ending to this story. >> we have na fact found her this morning. not by necessarily one of our search teams. >>reporter: two women on mountain bikes made the discovery. >> cyclists both, two people that come, who live in the valley community, intentionally chose to come out here and ride today, with kind of the slight hope that they would find her.
8:31 pm
>>reporter: an ecstatic family carried her out of the woods after she had wanded throughout the night until she was found shortly after 8:00 on saturday morning. >> thank you all so much. >> thank you for your prayers, everyone. and everyone who worked to find her. thank you. >>reporter: a terrifying evening for the family, 9 year old held her own throughout a moonlit night. >> mom, i am fine. almost a little bit defiant, but in good spirits. >> i'm pretty happy to see that she's made some stern steps, she --. >>reporter: jeff pierce, kron 4 news. one person is injured tonight after a car crashed through a store front in sunnydale. that accident happened this afternoon at the pier water store in the shopping center. no customers were inside the store at the time. the driver of the car was 42 the year old man that have been mistaken the gas pedal for the brake. the store owner inside says the
8:32 pm
man's's family was inside the store. the -- arrested a man who officers saw wearing a purse -- reported stolen on friday. this is a picture of the suspected person thief. 40 year old derrick fields. police say officers responding to a morning alarm call saw fields carrying the stolen purse. when officers tried to stop and question fields, he ran. but was arrested a short time later. on friday, a woman told police she saw fields breaking into her car and he stole her purse. fields was backed into jail on multiple charges, including suspicious of stolen property. >> no fog. temperatures were pretty warm, we have a change coming for tomorrow. the onshore winds are going to arrive, behind the weather system that's producing these high clouds for today. and temperatures right now, not too bad. it is cooler, by the bay, because the sea breeze is
8:33 pm
rushing in. mid 50s for san francisco. but mid 6 #0s in san jose and 70s and 80s into the inland valleys. tomorrow, we will see the return of the low clouds early on, but they should clear away pretty quickly. we'll be by the way, to the north bay valleys. sunshine throughout the day. temperatures 10 degrees cooler. low 7s 0 by the afternoon. low to mid 80s inland, more cloudiness at the beaches tomorrow, the monterrey bay, 60s and 70s in the forecast, for bay area beaches, clouds in the morning, snooip increasing for the afternoon. relatively cool to mild. upper 50s and low 60s. there will be some warmer beach weather next week. a woman's purse was snatched at a bart station in berkley, you won't believe how she says it was stolen. shows us the bizarre way that the woman was able to get her purse back. >> hi, my name is daniel -- and this is my kron 4 story. right around here, i realized my
8:34 pm
purse was gone. >>reporter: she didn't know what had happened. until a good samaritan stepped in she told me there was a woman in a wheelchair who stole my purse. >>reporter: the woman in the wheel their that allegedly had her purse was headed for the elevator. >> i actually run toward the elevator. i stop as fast as i could. the elevator door was about to close. so i stuck my -- just went and i just blocked the elevator and got -- stuck my hand in and she was right there. >>reporter: at first, the woman denied having her purse, but daniel said she knew otherwise. >> i know you do -- give me back my purse. she reechd behind. had the purse out of her bag and gave it to me. >>reporter: once she got her purse back, the next stop was reporting the crime. so she came here to the station agent. the station agent picked up the phone and called bart pd. she was told that it was going to be easy to catch the suspect, because they could see her on
8:35 pm
the cameras. daniel says she waited 45 minutes, and nothing. >> they never caught her. >> they never caught her. >>reporter: at that paint, daniel had to leave. >> i had to go to work. i was worried that i would be late. >>reporter: late, that's exactly how daniel describes bart pd's repons to the incident. however, a spokesperson for the transit company says they did what they could. >> the station agent was able to see that the woman in the wheelchair was about to board a fremont bound train. so she called police dispatch, and dispatch was able to hold that train at the station, so they could then make the arrest. what happened was the woman, the victim, had then told the station agent that she didn't want to make a complaint, that she needed to leave and that she would call police back later. without a witness, we cannot arrest someone. >> this was a woman on a wheelchair. and she was not very fast. >>reporter: the same spokesperson for bart says it's never a good idea to approach anybody who could potentially be
8:36 pm
dangerous. it did work out. i did check with bart, they will be looking into the response time. reporting in berkley, scott rates kron 4 news. a viewer brought this to our attention. if you have an idea about something you'd like us to investigate in our community, visit your website at kron and submit your idea under the special section. sexually assaulted after she was kidnaped off the street while walking in east oakland neighborhood. investigators say it happened last friday around 11:00 a.m. on coral road in oakland. the victim described the three men as african american males between the ages of 17 and 25 years old. the tallest stood 6.5 and had a scar on the left side of his scan. they -- a newer model burr began di 4 door sedan with light colored interior. >> approached by three men who were in a vehicle, forced at gunpoint into the car, taken to a location where she was
8:37 pm
sexually assaulted. after the assault, she was brought to the area of the 5500 block of dover street where she was releaseed from the car. >> the "crime stoppers" program is offering up to $5,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. the number of cases of whooping cough has now reached epidemic proportions in california. the state department of public health says more than 800 cases have been reported over the past two weekss. so far, over all, there have been more than 3400 cases reported, that is more than in all of last career. infants are the most sus spept bl to the disease, so parents are being encouraged to vaccinate their children as soon as possible. begins with cold like symptoms and can progress to severe fits of coughing. yes, fathers are priceless, but how much is he worth to you? coming up, we look at what people are willing to spend on their dad this father's day. >> facebook has announced a new feature that's going to make a
8:38 pm
lot of users happy. >> we have temperatures really warm up for today. close to 90 inland. 80s in the south bay, but the sea breeze is back for tomorrow 80s in the south bay, but the sea breeze is back for tomorrow aheat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you. for it's a challengefornia fostto replace clothes that are too small or worn out. i grew 3 inches last year. i don't need anything fancy. i never had much to begin with. when i look nice on the outside, i feel better on the inside. to help, sleep train is collecting new clothes for kids big and small.
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bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's day a little brighter. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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0001 it's a bird, a plane, no former president bush. celebrated his 90th birthday. the elder bush made a tandem jump out of a helicopter of the army's parachute team, the golden knights, he laned safely a few minutes later. the former president also celebrated his 75th, his 80th and 85th birthday with jumps. you can't put a price on dear old dad, but all of the great things that he does. allyson has details now from new york. >>reporter: selling father's day
8:41 pm
weekend. worth about $24 thousand. that's the highest economic value since started this. if i caning the car, mowing the lawn, coaching a team and even squashing bugs. no match for moms. calculated this index for mothers. it found moms usual tasks around the house this year were valued at nearly $63,000. three times as much as dad's. maybe that explains why we spend more on mom than dad. father's day is actually the smallest of all of the american gift giving holidays. the national retail federation says the average person will spend about $113 of give [ bleep ]s for dad this father's day, that's down slightly from last year. for mother's day, americans were expected to spend an average of $163. total faul father's day spending is expected to reach 12.5 billion dollars, 7 billion
8:42 pm
dollars less americans are predicted to spend on mother's day. still have a happy father's day though. people across the country are celebrating our nations colors today. coming up, we'll show you why this year's flag day is so unique in the special way the u.s. flag is being honored. and the flats will certainly be flying for tomorrow. the winds are picking up. colder winds, bring down temps on the father's day weekend. coming up next. bulldog: [yawning]
8:43 pm
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0001 time for the kron 4 tech report with gabe slate. >> facebook is going to let you control the type of ads that you see in your feed. no users have this ability yet. they are rolling t out in a couple weeks. but this is a surprising new feature, they are the first social network to have something like this. ad preferences. this picture showing how it will work. any time you see an ad, swipe it and the screen comes up, from there, you can change the type
8:45 pm
of ads that target you. if you're interested more in the electronics or cars railroad clothing, you can set your ad preferences. i think all ads are annoying, but at least this gives you some control. in other news, amazon has launched the music streaming service. very similar to spot identify, pandora, itunes radio, offered for free to amazon prime members only. that's the $100 membership, that gives you free two day ships on everything you order. a ton of free streaming music, thousands of songs and play lists ready to listen to just a click away. and lastly, starbucks has started to offer customers a way to wire leslie charge their smart phones while they are inside their cafe. they are installing these power mats into the table. wireless charge to compatible smart phones or any smart phone that is wearing a special power mat case. get your coffee and then set
8:46 pm
your phone down on the power mat area built into the table and charge your phone. no cables needed. if you don't have a power mat case on your phone currently, they will loan you an a dammiter attachment at the counter to make this all work for you. here's the cool thing, bay area starbucks will be the first ones in the country to have this. to view a map of the starbucks in the bay area, that are currently offering this, log on to kron and look for my tech page. gabe slate, kron 4 news. and if you like to connect with gabe slate, you always add him on facebook, follow him on twitter or e-mail him at kron travel plan, something to sink your teeth into. if you haven't eaton yet, it could make your hungry. a a platter, too pretty to eat. stir fry on the beach. chefs from all over the pacific are gathering in hawaii to cook up a storm. it is the fourth annual hawaii food and wine festival. just announced, some of san francisco's top chef, looking at a bunch of them,
8:47 pm
nancy oaks from boulevard, we had san francisco charlie fan of slanlted doors. appearing -- of roy's is flexings his culinary muscle. if you're a foodie and a trip to the island -- late this summer, this is a star studded line up. just soak up some beach time right here. along the coast. in california. pretty nice, by the water. >> vickie, it was a beautiful day at the beaches today. we had lots of sunshine, and a few high clouds that you can see here in the shot from the bay bridge this evening. but i would argue that the water temperatures offshore here in the bay area might just be a tad cooler than in hawaii. well, now, i'm dreeping of hawaii and i'm starving now, thanks to vickie. >> you're welcome shlgs we have some more nice weather on the way tomorrow. additional cloudiness at the coast. some high clouds up there with the sunshine from mount tam, a gorgeous sunset this evening. some fog begins to develop at the coast as we get closer to
8:48 pm
midnight. eventually, those clouds push into the bay, as we get into tomorrow morning. the north bay, shouldn't last long; i think the clouds should be gone about 9:00 and 10:00. sunshine, but the onshore winds will be stronger for tomorrow afternoon and that's going to push in some cooler air into the bay as well as the inland valleys. a little bit cooler still for monday as we'll have have some more fog in the morning. sea breeze gets weaker, a warming trend for the week. in the meantime, cooler is the theme, because of this weather system right here. this is the one that brought the high clouds for today and those hazy conditions now pushing out. behind it, the cooler onshore winds ramp up for tomorrow. upper 80s for the south bay tomorrow, upper 70s for father's day. look for a mid 70s into redwood city, free monlt, 75 degrees, close to 80 for san jose. we will get some 80s inland. fairfield, pittsburgh, concord, 83 degrees, mid 80s walnut
8:49 pm
creek. notice it's cooler by the bay. that's typical. with mid to upper 60s and low 70s, about 10 degrees cooler for san francisco. cooler as well for the north bay. 60s at the coast. here's the 7 day around the bay. notice temperatures drop a little bit more for the -- fog, but then less fog and a warming trend through midweek. by wednesday and thursday, close to 90 inland. but then turning cooler again as we get closer to the weekend. a special flag day this june 14th. this year, mas the 200th anniversary of the creation of the song that would go on to become the national anthem. star spang led banner. original l bright stars inspired key to write those lyrics. has the story from our nation's capital. >> oh, say can you see. >>reporter: the song and the
8:50 pm
flag. the iconic duo scene and heard everywhere. but nowhere before have you seen the originals together. for the first time, the actual flag from the war of 1812 will now be displayed with the original man script of the song it inspired. the star spang led banner. >> these words that you see and that you, you know, put your hand over your heart and you sing out at the ball game or at a sporting event, is actually about this object. so we hope that we can inspire this moment. >>reporter: there are a few surprise moments. like seeing francis scott key's audits, scratch, one large rewrite that forever what i thinked the lyrics we know. and that the melody was loosely based on to an -- in heaven. >> a pub song. >> the tune in the drinking song. and so it was a very popular to
8:51 pm
song. >>reporter: nds longer and clung kiier than the wung we sing. >> they're actually quite hard. a little wordy, they're not quite as el kwept in their rimeing and the way they sound together. >>reporter: hundreds of thousands will come to see the pair on display through the 4th of july. >> just reminds us who we are. you know, and just reminds us of the words and all of the history bind it. just a feeling of being in america. >> givess you a sense of -- behind the country. >>reporter: a pourerful symbol, sight and sound. >> home of the brave. >>reporter: in washington, i'm -- and here at home, you're looking at hundreds of bay area motorcycle enthusiasts who paid honor. one of our favorite viewers just happened to catch this from his
8:52 pm
iphone. so who takes home hockey's biggest prize, the winner of the stanley cup. up next. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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8:54 pm
what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you. 0001 the second time in 3 season, a third overtime loss in los angeles sends the new york rangers home for the summer. the l. a. kings with a 3-2 victory in game five.
8:55 pm
coveted stanley cup. shashs may remember -- in the first round. we're not bitter. >> no. >> hit a game time 2 run homer and put the giants ahead 4 3 in the 7th. for the second straight day. brandon burns hit a 2 run inside the park home run with two out in the 9th to let the rockies pass san francisco, 5-4. in golf, martin kiemer has shot a 2 over 72 on a brutal day at the u.s. open. good enough to maintain a 5 stroke lead. heading to the fiebl round. the 29 year old german birdie, comfortably ahead of the challenges. italy, picking up a big 2-1 over england. in soccer. as mario scored the tie breaking goal with a second half header in the 50th minute. columbia started its first word cup campaign in 16 years beating greece.
8:56 pm
3-0. people aren't happy about that. columbia took the lead, costa rica provideed the first major upset coming from behind you are way. all of its goals in the second half to earn a critical win. if you're wondering about tonight's a's game in oakland against the yankees, our own bonnie hitch who's rooting for the home team, of course, she just called in to say that that game is being delayed because a light went out in the field. but all in all a pretty nice day to be at the ballpark. >> yeah, we had a great day today. a nice day on the way for tomorrow. a little bit cool e but we'll style have sunshine. 70s san francisco, close to 80 for the south bay, and san jose, warmest place is east bay valley, in the low to mid 80s. that's it for caron 4 news at 8:00, stay connected with kron 4 and get the latest news drops, our next newscast is tonight at 11:00. see you then, everybody. good night.
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ithe part of us that a littwants to play,on. wants to be mischievous, wants to run free, all you have to do is let it out. find your inner minion only at the despicable me minion mayhem ride at universal studios hollywood.
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the latest on tracy morgan's limo crash recovery as one of the survivors speaks out. >> this crunching metal all around me. >> such a gruesome scene. tracy, shattered bones throughout his entire body. you were in new jersey re-creating the scene. >> six cars were involved and the truck driver who initiated the wreck was charged with killing tracy's friend. >> a terrible accident. >> the 911 calls. the prayers from tracy's hollywood friends. >> tracy is a fighter. >> and are j. lo and max hooking up? >> i'm not one to really follow rules. >> j. lo will do. >> he tliks date stars. she likes to date dancers. they look like this. are they hollywood's most combustible couple? >> plus, we have soccer's


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